• MWE Role Play
    Used for developmental stories and feuds.
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  • MWE Televised Weekly Shows
    Weekly Televised Shows. Shows are posted per player requests.
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  • MWE Pay-Per-Views
    Seasonal PPV Events. Shows are posted per player requests.
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  • B4Pro Role Plays
    Career and life before professional Mortal Wrestling.
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  • Character Bios and Development
    This board is used for Guides/Bios/Development which help players know how to act and even how use your characters properly in RPS and matches. NOTE: you cannot use guides to over power your character(s). Some sense of weakness/strengths must be present. The purpose of this guide is to show the mannerism of your character and how far to go etc... when engaging them on the board.
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  • Game Guides
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