"The Modern Day Renaissance Man" Franco Rompere

This board is used for Guides/Bios/Development which help players know how to act and even how use your characters properly in RPS and matches. NOTE: you cannot use guides to over power your character(s). Some sense of weakness/strengths must be present. The purpose of this guide is to show the mannerism of your character and how far to go etc... when engaging them on the board.
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Franco Rompere
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Name: Franco Rompere

Weight: 260 lbs

Height: 6' 5"

Other Names: The Modern Day Renaissance Man

Background: Irritated by the lack of talent in modern art, he's determined to prove that Italians are superior to everyone else in all forms of art. A self-proclaimed master painter, master sculptor, and master wrestler, he always aims to humiliate his opponents. Sometimes it backfires, but he believes there's no point in proving your superiority if you don't frustrate your opponent in the process.

Fighting Style: While he's a highly skilled technical wrestler thanks to top trainers back in Italy, he won't hesitate to start brawling, especially when he becomes frustrated.

Finishers: Final Touch (Running Powerbomb)

Other: When he has a match, he wheels down a cart containing art supplies and finished pieces, including items such as paint cans and busts. He won't hesitate to use these items to give himself an advantage, viewing their use as just part of being a successful artist. Not that there's anything stopping his opponents from testing out their own artistic abilities with his cart.
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